Back Weight Training

“How To Do Back Weight Training For A Superman Physique And Get Big Guns!”

Whilst your first thought might be that the muscles of the back are not the most glamorous or important muscle group to train, you could not be further from the truth.

 Why is that? Well getting large back muscles will give your body that superman ‘V’ shaped appearance as it emlarges the upper part of your back making it appear broader, it will also hold your shoulders back providing a confident posture, it will make your waist appear narrower (which is really cool) and it will give you big biceps!

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You will never see somebody who has big biceps with small back muscles it just doesn’t happen. Some people never directly train their biceps yet get great gains on them just from back weight training.

The main reason for this is that when you do back weight training you can move a lot of weight. Moving a lot of weight makes muscle grow even if they are not the main muscles being worked.

Imagine you can barbell curl 30 kg for 10 reps, that is not a lot of weight but you might be able to do lateral pull downs with 100 kg or barbell rows with 60 kgs. These numbers are much greater and add muscle to your back muscles and also to your biceps. Enough said back weight training is essential for a decent physique.

Here is a sample beginner level back weight training workout that you can use. You might choose to do this on its own or as part of an overall full body routine.

Beginner level back weight training routine:


Exercise                                                 Sets                                     Reps


Front Lateral Pull-downs                            3                                          10

Seated Rows                                             3                                          10

One Arm Dumb Bell Rows                           3                                          10


Intermediate  level back weight training routine:


Exercise                                                 Sets                                     Reps


Wide Grip Bodyweight Pull-ups               3                                          10

Front Lateral Pull-downs                           3                                          10

Seated Rows Dropset                               3                                          10

Bent Over Barbell Rows                         3                                          10


The beginners back weight training workout should be done with a weight that can be handled so that the last couple of reps are hard but not severe or impossible whereas the intermeidate workout the reps can be done until failure. 

Of course there are many variations of these workouts and it would be impossible to list all of the options. These are simply two good workouts that can start you off in the right direction and building muscle fast. Go here for a beginner level full body workout to build muscle and here for intermediate level full body workouts to build muscle.

Want To Know How To Do Back Weight Training? Tired Of Your Unmuscular Appearance? Then Click Here Now


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