How To Get Bigger Biceps In 30 Days Or Less

There are many reasons why so many people want to know ‘how to get big biceps’. For the majority of people a day at work involves wearing a shirt and tie.

This of course means that only your biceps are really visible. Maybe this could be one of the reasons people can become obsessed with trying to find out how to get big biceps. It seems a little strange then that lots of people seem to be able to get big pectoral and shoulder muscles but struggle to make their biceps big.

Well, moving heavy weight is how your muscles are forced to grow. The greater the amount of weight you can shift the more strength and thus size you will have.

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However if the bicep muscle is isolated individually it is not easy to shift a great deal of weight. This then makes it more difficult to stimulate muscle growth. In short people are doing the wrong exercises to get bigger biceps.

So why do bodybuilders do concentration curls to get big biceps?

Well for one thing, concentration curls are for shaping already large bicep muscles as it is not a mass building exercise. If your biceps are not ye t of mammoth proportion then you have little muscle to shape so quit doing them!

OK then, what is the answer to ‘how to get bigger biceps’?

Experiment with underhand grip pullups, bent over rows and indeed any other multi-joint back exercise as these allow you to shift much heavier weight which is exactly what you need to do to in order to get bigger biceps. These exercises all shift a lot of weight. Yes, that is in part due to the fact that they are hitting the back muscles but they are also stressing the biceps a great deal. Furthermore have you ever seen anyone with big biceps who did not have impressive back muscles? No, bigger biceps come hand in hand with bigger back muscles.

So, in short stick to the major compound back exercises and maybe standard barbell curls and you will give yourself the best chance to make your bicceps big! Steer clear of the concentration curls and other isolation exercises until you do have bigger biceps.

So the short answer to how to get big biceps is train your back hard, eat lots and rest plenty! Apply these building muscle tips and you will realise that the answer to ‘how to get big biceps’ is not overly difficult.

Tired Of Your Puny Arms and Chest? Want To Know How To Get Bigger Biceps? Then Click Here Now!


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