How To Get Bigger Biceps

Pretty much everyone who has ever picked up a set of weights has at sometime in their life dreamt of having a huge set of arms, big powerful full looking biceps, backed up with steely looking triceps. For most this remains a dream but for a few who get there, all the work pays off everytime they see people glancing and commenting on their big guns.

Unfortunately most people go about getting huge arms in completely the wrong way doing exercises like kickbacks and concentration curls which whilst they are nice and showy unfortuantely they will never really going to pack on the mass. However here are some exercises to build muscle fast using free weights that will definetely help you get huge arms:

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Build Muscle Fast Using These Top Bicep Exercises To Get Huge Arms:

Chin-ups: A fantastic exercises when done with an underhand close grip this places huge strain on the entire bicep and because it invovles moving the body through space as opposed to in one line like on many exercises the muscle has to work even harder, stimulating more growth.

Hammer Curls– Inside the bicep is the brachialis muscle which when developed adds a great deal of mass to the arm. A must have exercise.
Barbell Curl- Still one of the best exercises around. It isolates the bicep letting you really focus on the exercise.
Dumbbell Curl – build muscle fast using this exercise, nearly as good as the barbell curl but has a slight advantage in that once you have gone to faiure you can start doing alternate curls which might help you squeeze out a further few reps.
Build Muscle Fast Using These Top Tricep Exercises To Get Huge Arms:

Dips on a Parallel Bar- The upper arm is made up two thirds of by the trcep muscle so it makes sense that if you want bigger arms train the triceps alot. Dips will make a big difference to your tricep mass in a simliar way to what the chin-up exercise does for your biceps. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at the gymnasts who work on the parallel bars…absolutely awesome!

The Lying EZ Bar Triceps Extension Exercise- build muscle fast using this isolation exercise which is great for targetting the muscle dspecifically, however be careful not to overdo it with this one as it is possible to strain the joint with this one, perhaps use a slightly higher rep range to reduce the risk of injury somewhat.

The Close Grip Bench Press– If you wanna pack on slabs of muscle to your triceps you could a lot worse than using this compund movement. It is possible to use a lot of weight on this exercise but ensure you remain on focussed on training the triceps and not on other helping muscles.

So there you have it. If you want to get huge arms and build muscles fast using free weights then these are the exercises you need to be doing heavy and often. Enough said, no excuses now, get to it!

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