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So you dream of getting more muscular and bulking up but you don’t want to gain any fat tissue at the same time? If so then you are actually attempting to do two things that are completely opposed to eachother. Bulking up means that you need to eat a great deal more calories than you use up during the day.

These extra ‘leftover’ calories can then be used to increase your muscle bulk. Some of these calories may well not be used at all and shalle be stored as body fat. This is why gains in fat levels are normally associated with gains in muscle mass. This is not great for building lean muscle mass.

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A minimum of three months has always been the length of time suggested for any bulking up program. Many people are therefore put off by the fact that they may have to increase their body fat levels for three months also. After three months then most people will then be muscular but have to go on a diet for a few months to lose the excess fat. So, the question is: Is there a way of building lean muscle mass and not getting fat?

 Well, I’m glad to tell you that now there is! Fortunately for you there is a new way to approach to building lean muscle without gaining excess fat. It is derived from new research that promotes a two week bulk followed by a two week cut.

In a nut shell when you begin to consume excess amounts of calories your body responds by becoming highly anabolic a condition great for muscle growth. After a little more than two weeks the effects decreases and the body will begin changing these excess calories into body fat tissue. This strategy recommends that you go through a two week bulking phase which will then be followed by a two week phase of getting ripped.

During this cutting phase you just aim to maintian your strength and  work off any excess weight that you may have gained in the bulking phase. This muscle up get ripped cycle can be done time and again for as many months as you wish without having to worry about huge increases in body fat levels yet still allowing you to increase your lean muscle mass.

OK, so now you know the secret to building lean muscle mass. Just to empasise you do indeed hold a powerful secret to lean muscle building, what will you do with it? It is down to you!

Here are a few more tips to help you along with your new lean muscle building plan:

How can ensure that I continually build lean muscle mass in the gym?

The answer to lean muscle building is very quick and easy. The single most important thing you can do to build lean muscle mass is to keep stressing your body in different ways progressively. To do this you need to know what your personal bests are, so this means keeping a training log of sets and, reps and weights. Doing so will mean each time you go the gym you are able to know exactly what you need to do to record a personal best.

If you want to build lean muscle mass and keep building lean muscle mass then you must absolutely NOT keep doing the same exercises over and over again. Your body becomes accustomed to the same thing and will not be stimulated to grow by the same old routine. You need to constantly change your routine in order to build lean muscle mass. Vary the exercises the order you do them and the rest intervals between sets whilst at the same time trying to beat your personal bests to maximise lean muscle building. Doing this will ensure that your body is always guessing what is going to come next, so after each session it has to adapt and grow again to meet the new demands placed on it and build lean muscle mass. Which in turn leads to your body building lean muscle.

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Powerlifters and weightlifters are always trying to set personal bests for they know what happens when you do so, they are building lean muscle mass doing this, you will too. In training they will often test what their one rep maximum lift is for different exercises, however whilst one rep maximums are certainly a good gauge, you don’t want to be doing one rep maximums all the time. Building lean muscle mass this way will often lead to injury through poor technique so keep these down to every few months and track your regular workouts where you do 6-10 reps and try to beat this score each time to build lean muscle mass quickly.

The only time you should ever do a set where you are not striving for a personal best is when you are recovering from injury otherwise you are not really going to be building lean muscle mass, just tone the muscle and who wants to do that! Having PBs to beat gives you a complete and direct focus on what you are doing which lead to increased motivation especially when you can see the progress you have been making from your training log in a quantifiable form

Don’t just record PBs for the main exercises such as bench presses and squat but make sure you keep a record for every exercise so you always have a goal to strive for even on the smaller exercises like tricep pushdowns this again will keep you focused on building lean muscle mass all the way through your workout.

So for now, stop doing all the fancy supersets and so on and get back to the basics and try recording and beating your personal bests to build lean muscle mass, I guarantee this is one of the best ways to go about building lean muscle mass fast and continuously!

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