Build Muscle Easily

 “5 Jaw Dropping And Time Tested Tips To Build Muscle Easily – Get Lean And Ripped!” 

We all want to build muscle easy and many people are sick and tired of all of the useless advice that is so often dished out either online or in flashy gimmicky magazines and advertisements that propose how to build muscle easy. However what people really want is real world, time-proven, hard core advice that will help them build muscle easily:

Here are 5 of my best no-nonsense muscle building tips that will help you build muscle as easily as possible:

1)       Never do more than 10 repetitions on any given set. The reason for this is that you want to stimulate growth in the fast twitch muscles because they produce the size.

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Performing more than 10 reps emphasizes the use of slow twitch fibers, these fibers do not grow large, rather they simply become more efficient at processing oxygen. Make sure you have reached the point of muscle failure before ten reps unless you want to remain skinny!

2)       Build Muscle Easy: Quit spending so much time in the gym! Quit talking with your buddies and taking long walks to the water fountain and get focused! Spend less than an hour in the gym if you want to build muscle easy. Warm-up then go quickly and efficiently from exercise to exercise. Work hard on the exercise and move on. Reduce the rest between sets and get through your exercises. Which guy do you think has a better physique: the guy who does 20 sets of different exercises in an hour and half or the guy who does the same in one hour? Clearly the guy who takes less time, stresses his body more and can do more work in less time.

3)       Do you think doing more exercises will help you grow faster and build muscle easily? Wrong! Are you trying to exhaust your muscles or shock them into growth. Exhausted muscles are exactly that and they therefore find it difficult to grow and recover. Shocked muscles have been stretched more than normal so they have to adapt and improve (get bigger) for next time but they are not exhausted so they still have energy left which will help them to recover and grow. 3-5 sets per muscle group will be plenty if done with intensity and will cause you to build muscle easy!

4)       Build Muscle Easy: Use a training notebook to monitor your progress. There’s nothing worse than seeing a guy go to the gym every few days just to go through the same exercises at the same weights and make no progress. Each work out aim to improve either the amount lifted or the number of reps or even reduce the rest interval, any improvements in any of these indicate progress and will help you build muscle easy. However you can only do this if you know what you have been lifting previously, hence the need for a training report book. This is essential if you wish to build muscle easy.

5)       Take a protein and carb shake to build muscle easily immediately before bed and on rising. After a hard workout the last thing your body needs is to be without energy to grow for over 8 hours. Getting a quality shake in you at these critical times can be the difference between building muscle mass easily and not.

So, there we have it 5 tips to build muscle easily, if followed they will certainly help you to build muscle mass fast naturally and easily. 

Tired Of Your Puny Arms and Chest? Want To Pack On Some Serious Mass And Build Muscle Easily? Then Click Here Now!


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