Burn Fat Build Muscle

“Is It Really Possible To Burn Fat Build Muscle?”

“Build muscle lose fat”, “burn fat build muscle”, “build muscle then lose” “build muscle and burn fat”. These are all phrases that personal trainers hear everyday from newbies, so here we look into whether this lofty goal is possible or not and how you might go about doing so.

These two goals are very common but unfortunately they are actually nearly complete opposites. Building muscle mass by its very nature requires taking onboard surplus calories because muscle just doesn’t appear, it has to be formed out of something and that something is the extra food you take on.

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Decreasing your bodyfat however

means that you have to build up a negative calorie debt because this debt is then paid off by calories stored as fat, hence a reduction in weight. Therefore trying to meet both of these goals is not the easiest thing to do.

This is why a cyclical approach is best adopted, this will allow you to build muscle then lose. Generally trainers can go through phases of adding muscle mass which we call ‘bulking up’ and ‘cutting’ phases where the bodybuilder will try to reduce excess bodyfat that was accumulated during the bulking phase.

Each phase usually lasts between 3-6 months and variations in both diet and exercise type and intensity are the differences between phases. In this manner over a period of say a year a bodybuilder can bulk up for six months and then cut down for 6 months, so over the course of a year it may appear that they really did burn fat feed muscle, build muscle lose fat, build muscle and burn fat or however else you want to term it but the reality is that they actually went through two different distinct phases to get there… build muscle then lose.

This approach is long term but in the end accomplishes the same goal. People who do try to burn fat build muscle may try to do so by working out how many calories they need to build muscle and then try to get that exact amount from very lean sources which are low in fat. They will try to eat the exact amount of calories each day so that they will have just enough energy to support muscle growth but not so many as to cause an increase in bodyfat.

This method is very difficult to do as working out and sticking to a strict diet of calories is very difficult and may actually inhibit muscle gains if you don’t econsume enough calories. It is far easier to build muscle then lose than trying to do both at once. So in all honestly if you really want to build muscle lose fat then taking a long term approach is far more effective and in the long term you will actually build muscle and burn fat but you will have done it in two distinct phases, build muscle then lose, that is the key!

One method that comes highly recommended is reviewed here: 

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