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“How To Build Muscle Now – 6 Amazing Tips To Get Big Arms Fast!”

Everyone wants to build muscle now and is aware that near the top of most bodybuilders shopping lists is a huge pair of biceps. Clearly they are the most easily viewable muscle and have therefore been given special place when assessing someones strength levels even though they are not a good indicator of overall strength .

Here however is our ‘build muscle now, bigger biccep guide’ for anyone wanting to stack on bicep muscle size and mass..

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How To Build Muscle Now And Get Bigger Biceps Muscles Fast:

1) Concentrate on exercises such as major back exercises. These place a lot of strain on the biceps, so grow bigger back muscles and get bigger biceps, simple.

2) As just noted your biceps are already working a great deal in back exercises so there is not too much need to work them directly for very long Do no more than 4 sets of direct bicep work and keep it to two sets if you possibly can. Seriously this is all you need otherwise you risk overtraining your biceps after all they are a very small muscle group.

3) Are you doing the correct exercises to build muscle now on your biceps? All rowing exercises will work the biceps but the number one mass builder has got to be the simple pull-up, done with and underhand grip. Tremendous stress is placed on the bicep here, great for mass. Steer clear of seated concentration curls – exercises such as these are designed as shaping exercises to sculpt biceps that already have a lot of mass. If you do not have big biceps already then you are wasting your time with these type of exercises.

4) Aim to reach muscle failure between 5-7 reps. This is the optiminal rep range for building size. Monitor your progress by recording your workouts in a training log. this will help with motivation and goal setting. 

5) Are you eating enough calories. You need to be getting enough to create a surplus of energy in your body which can then be used to aid muscle growth if you want to build muscle now. Eat 5-7 times per day and include foods such as leafy green vegetables, fish, fruit, lean white meat, breads, pasts, and rice. These are the types of food that will provide quality nutritional calories that will boost your growth.

6) Ensure you are resting enough. You have probably heard before that your muscles do not grow whilst you are working out they grow when you are resting. Therefore don’t you think you should be getting enough rest to enable them to grow. If you are not then your attempts to gain bicep mass will be  in vain and you will not build muscle now.

So there we have it, that is our short guide on ‘How To Get Bigger Biceps and Build Muscle Now’. Adjust your program to meet these guidelines and see what a difference it makes to your bicep growth. 

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