Get Ripped In 90 Days!

 burn the fat book“Get Ripped In 90 Days With This Paint By Numbers Approach”

To get ripped in 90 days depending on your current lifestyle you are probably going to have to make some significant changes. 90 days is a long enough time period for you to notice significant changes in your body and there are two main parts to focus on if you want to get ripped 90 days, they are:

1)The training – This needs to include both cardiovascular work which will use up excess calories, burn off fat cells and increase your metabolic rate, and also, weight training, this is needed to maintain the muscle that you already have (or further them) and will also help increase metabolic rate as muscle uses up more calories at rest than fat tissue does.

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2) The diet – this needs to be based around eating 5-6 small meals per day that contain quality nutrition but not too many calories. Eating regularly increases the metabolic rate which will help you significantly. The bottom line is that you need to work off more calories than you consume. Of course avoiding sweet refined sugars, fast foods and so on is a must.

What follows is a sample training program that will allow you to get ripped 90 days:

Twice a week train with weights to get ripped 90 days. Do total body exercises such as: squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, bench press, shoulder press, rows. Do only two sets of each, we are only trying to maintain your current strength level here not beat it so do not go crazy with this.

Do high intensity cardio-vascular workouts three times a week to get ripped in 90 days. Doing continuous steady state exercise for 30 minutes is quite boring for most people and also has limited benefits. However if you do interval training you will burn more calories, have a higher average heart rate, increase your metabolic rate dramatically and also greatly enhance your fitness levels.

Example on the treadmill of a 20 minute high intensity workout to get ripped in 90 days

0-3 minutes: gradually increase the pace from walking to jogging as a gradual warm up.

3-6 minutes: raise the speed so that you are working at around 75% maximum effort.

6-7 minutes: slow jog for recovery.

7-9 minutes: again increase the speed to that which you can just about cope with for 2 minutes.

9-10 minutes: rest and recovery at jogging pace.

10-12 minutes: again increase the speed to that which you can just about cope with for.

12-13 minutes: rest and recovery at jogging pace.

14-15 minutes: slow jog for recovery

15-17 minutes: again increase the speed to that which you can just about cope with for.

17-20 minutes: run at a steady pace about 60% effort as a cool down and recovery period.

All of the above time periods can be easily adjusted to reflect your level of fitness. Simply decrease the rest time intervals and increase the intensity and length of the difficult periods. Over the three months you should make significant improvements and if to get ripped in 90 days is your goal then this is certainly achievable given the correct mindset.

This approach is not confined to the treadmill but also can be used on any other type of aerobic based exercise such as the step machine, exercise bike, even in the swimming pool. Keep mixing the activities up for greater variety and to keep your self motivated and interested.

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