How To Build Shoulders

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These two exercises combined and done properly are the only that you will need to get bodybuilding shoulders and shirt busting delts. Do not overdo the training because the shoulders are also worked in most other major upper body exercises so they can be easily overtrained which is not what you want for maximal growth.

Chest pressing exercises work the anterior delts where as posterior delts are worked hard during back exercises such as rowing therefore keep the shoulder training to an intense short few sets. The lesson being quality not quantity – everytime!

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Below are a couple of routines you may like to try out to get big bodybuilding shoulders:

How To Build Shoulders: Routine A

 Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press – 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps
 Standing Side Lateral Dumbbell Raises – 1-2 sets of 10-12 reps

How To Build Shoulders: Routine B
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Press – 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps
Standing Side Lateral Dumbbell Raises– 1-2 sets of 12-14 reps
Standing Front Dumbbell Raise – 1-2 sets of 12-14 reps
Seated Rear Lateral Dumbbell Raises – 1-2 sets of 12-14 reps

That’s it then, massive bodybuilding shoulders in short intense workouts with plenty of rest and good nutrition is the answer to how to get big shoulders. Reps should be performed until no more can be completed using strict correct technique.

Recording your workouts will help with motivation and enable you to see your progress. Make sure you always strive to improve in some way either through increasing the weight, reducing rest intervals, doing more reps or whatever just push for progress and massive shoulders will be your reward!

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