Finally Revealed: How To Gain Mass Fast !

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If you are completely new to muscle building then there are three main components to building muscle, they are: muscle building nutrition, muscle building routines and rest. If you have little knowledge of experience regarding these I suggest you read these article first: muscle building nutrition and muscle building routines. However the chances are you a have already started or been doing some sort of weight training to gain muscle mass already, for this reason we have devised a trouble shooting guide ‘how to gain mass’ below.

1) Are you eating enough? For some hard gainers you may just as well insert the words ‘under eaters’. As this is frequently the reason for small muscle gains. Eating lots and often is the key to weight gain in bodybuilding!

 Tired Of Your Puny Arms and Chest? Want To Gain Mass Fast? Then Go Here Now!

Having meals every two hours is a sensible rule of thumb which will enable you to take in the required amount of calories. Make sure you snack lots on food such as: dried fruit and nuts, yoghurt, cottage cheese, cereal and milk, protein bars, fresh fruit, and protein shakes, etc…2) Are you getting enough protein? To gain mass fast each day you should get 1 gram of protein per of bodyweight. Superb sources of protein for muscle building are: chicken, fish, turkey as well as dairy products. As you want to bulk up (learn how to gain mass) do not buy the low fat variety for every product you need the excess calories. of course you require decent quality calories but you can do a ripping stage at a later date to remove excess body fat. making use of whey protein shakes is an excellent way to increase your protein intake; the larger tubs of course are normally better value of money.3) Has your workout become stale and unstimulating? If you are able to dictate out aloud your session off the cuff then that likely means you have been using the same workout for a decent length of time already. If you do not stimulate your muscle in a variety of ways then it will stop growing. How about mixing things up with, super sets, drop sets, partials, 21s, aided lifts and negatives. You can even just reverse the order of your routine and see what difference that makes, how about 10 sets of 10 reps to failure on just one major exercise such as the bench press (get ready to be sore!) or even allow yourself a week off from working out and let your body totally recover. As you can see there are endless variations, make sure you use them. This is one of the best answers around to how to gain mass!

Tired Of Your Puny Arms and Chest? Want To Gain Mass Fast? Then Go Here Now!

4) Are you managing to take enough rest? It is critical that you allow your body enough time to recuperate after each and every workout. The muscles in your body do not grow whilst you are pumping iron. They do however grow during times of quality rest like when you are asleep at night. It is far better to give yourself too much rest time as opposed to too little rest time. To little rest time will lead your muscles to burnout and they will keep breaking down further and further and can actually get smaller! Everybody is different but usually each muscle group should be worked out more than three times a week and that will probably be too much for many people who get very sore. Judge for yourself, but often training a muscle just once or twice a week results in better progress. Also reducing the number of sets per body part, how about a maximum of 3-5 really intense sets per body part per workout. Think that is not enough, try it and see what the results say!5) Are you drinking enough water? If you don’t drink plenty of water then your progress won’t be as fast it should be. A lot of water is required in order for your to build muscle mass. Take a bottle of water with you, leave it in the car and always sip on it. 

So the initial question: ‘how to gain mass’ as you can see has many contributing factors to the answer. I urge you to answer the above questions as honestly as you can and make the recommended changes today. Please bear in mind that everyone is different and just because a particular routine or strategy works well for one person does not mean that it will work well for you. Be your own judge, experiment overtime and soon you will work out your own best way to answer the ‘how to gain mass” question.

Tired Of Your Puny Arms and Chest? Want To Gain Mass Fast? Then Go Here Now!