How To Gain Weight And Muscle

“How To Gain Weight And Muscle – Kick That Skeleton Look!”

There are four key parts to consider when wanting to know how to gain weight and muscle. They are dealt with here:

1) Diet – you need to be taking on more calories than you are using up each day. The excess calories can then be used to build more muscle so long as they are the correct type of foods. To find out the correct types of food you should be eating go here to find out how many calories per day you should be eating go here: muscle building nutrition guide.

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2) Muscle Stimulation – It is essential that the muscles are provided with a reason to grow. This reason comes from weight training. However just wandering into a gym with no pre-plan will probably not work. A workout needs to be:

  • Intense – You need to push your muscle hard and try to force them to do something they have never done before. new muscle stress will lead to new muscle growth. However stressing them in the same way every time will not because you are not providing them with a reason to grow.
  • Progressive – Along the same lines as the previous point you need to be improving in some way each time you pump iron. Maybe you aim to lift more weight do more reps, decrease the rest time or whatever. Either way progress is the key.
  • Less than an hour long. If your workout lasts longer than this, then your bodies hormones will start to work against you. When the body is understress it originally releases hormones that aid the muscle building process however after 45-60 minutes this is changed so that a hormone is released that basically does the reverse to this.
  • Consisting of compound exercises – For maximum muscle stimulation in minimum time then it is important to use compound exercises, these are basically multi-joint exercises that allow you to lift heavy weights and exercise more than one muscle group at the same time. Experienced bodybuilders will all tell you their biggest muscle gains came from doing these exercises, they are: deadlifts, squats, bench press, over head press, bent over rows, upright rows, lateral pull downs.

Go here for some example workout routines to build muscle.

3) Rest – For goodness sake get out of the gym and rest this is a real key for figuring out how to gain muscle weight. Your muscle does not grow whilst you are lifting weights, that is when they are broken down. They repair themselves and grow when you are resting. The more you rest the more they can grow (so long as you have enough calories). You need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. It is also very important not to overtrain, if your muscles are ever sore from their last workout, wait until they are back to normal before doing another session. Overtraining will shrink your muscles not grow them this is one of the best tips for how to gain weight and muscle.

4) Attitude – Your attitude needs to be positive and you need to be determined and persistent. Muscle does not appear over night and you may have to try a few different things before you start to make real progress. this is where patience and persistence are required. Anybody can build muscle, they just need to find the correct approach for them that’s all.

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