How To Gain Weight Fast

How To Gain Weight Fast/Quick – Jaw Dropping Musclce Growth Everytime!

Trying to grow big muscles is often thought of as being all about how much time you spend in the gym and not a great deal else. Well if that were true we would see a lot more people with big muscular physiques wandering around the street. However there is actually one really great weight to gain weight quickly. It is actually a great deal simpler than you probably imagine. It is called following the GOMAD program.

GOMAD stands for a gall of milk a day. Basically you simply stick to a short intense workout pushing the body hard with a simple muscle building routine like those outlined here and consume a gallon of milk a day.

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Why a gallon of milk?

Well, milk is a great source of protein and calories required for muscle building. It is also cheap and is therefore ideal to consume if you wish to gain weight fast. One gallon of whole milk includes 120g protein made of 20% whey, 80% casein.

You see the main problem people have when trying to gain weight quickly is that they do not consume enough calories. People spend ages in the gym and reading books and magazines searching for the perfect weight training routine in their quest to gain weight quickly. However they are all missing the most important factor. Fast weight gain is 20 % due to correct weight training and 80% due to correct diet and nutrition. Without both nothing is going top happen!

The chief importance of a muscle building diet is that it should ensure that the bodybuilder takes on board a higher number of calories than it uses up each and everyday, the extra calories are then used to build new muscle mass. No, extra calories equals no extra muscle. It can be rather difficult for many people to consume enough calories which is where the GOMAD approach comes in. If you consume 4 meals per day plus the GOMAD diet then the chances are you will have plenty of excess calories required for muscle building.

If you choose to adopt this approach, break your system in gradually building up from a few glasses of milk each day to one gallon a day. Milk is not harmful (we give it to our babies remember) and is a natural way to gain weight quickly.

Most people choose to stay on the GOMAD for one to two months for giving themselves a break. The first month alone commonly sees people pile on up to 25lbs of muscle! Why go out and by the hyped up products when you can gain weight fast with milk?

Finally give yourself chance to recover adequately between workouts, even on the GOMAD diet your body still needs time for growth and repair. Two tough all body workouts is enough for most people to gain weight fast. OK, so now you know how to gain weight fast, never give up and go for it!

Want To Know How To Gain Weight Quick? Tired Of Looking Skinny? Then Click Here Now


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