How To Get A Bigger Chest

If you want to know how to get a bigger chest then firstly you need to understand a little about the nature of muscle itself. There are between six and seven hundred muscles in your body that pull various bones to create movement. They are a stringy fibre but can vary significantly both from person to person and within the same body.

Some of these muscle fibres are of the fast twitch variety which are used mainly for anaerobic explosive type activities such as sprinting and weight lifting. It is much easier to increase the size of these fibres than of their counterparts, namely ‘slow twitch’ muscle fibres.

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These are excellent for aerobic activities like cycling, jogging and so on, however they

do not increase in size very much. Most people have a balance of these fibres. Elite sprinters are genetically gifted in that they have a much higher proportion of fast twitch muscle fibres and can get bigger chest muscle much easier than people with different genetics.

So, to get bigger we need to stimulate the fast twitch muscle fibres in your chest, the easiest way to do this is clearly through weight training.

How to get bigger chest: lifting weights intensely actually damages the muscle fibres and tears them. After your workout when you are resting your body repairs these tears and builds them back stronger, this leads to bigger muscles, this is known as hypertrophy (muscle growth) and  each training session needs to break these muscle down once more so lifting heavier and heavier weights (progressive overload) is definitely the way to go. In fact this is the key in knowing how to get a bigger chest.

Now, how to get a bigger chest… exercises:

Whilst the chest muscle is one muscle it is often divided into three parts lower, middle and upper. Each area can be targeted by doing varieties of the same exercise. However, if you focus on the upper pectoral muscle then this tends to naturally develop the entire chest region whereas mid-low level chest exercises do not stimulate the upper chest so much and more exercises are then required for the upper chest.

The best exercises therefore for building a muscly chest are with free-weights and are:

Incline Bench-press with barbells or dumb bells – Stimulates muscle growth in the entire chest region 

Flat level Bench-press with barbells or dumb bells – Stimulates muscle growth in the mid-low chest region.

Tricep dips – This is great for your triceps and indeed the entire pectoral region.

There are lots of other chest exercises such as pectoral flyes but the above are the best mass builders. So, why do we have to use free-weights? Can’t we use machines?

Well, free weights require you to use the muscle being targeted and also the muscles around that muscle because they have to help stabilize the muscles being worked. This leads to more muscle being worked and therefore bigger muscles. Machine weights however only work the specific muscle and whilst you can get bigger all experienced trainers will tell you… free weights rule!

The second part of this article is here: how to get a big chest.

Tired Of Your Puny Chest? Want To Know How To Get A Bigger Chest Fast? Then Click Here Now


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