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Lead Article: How To Get Cut Fast

burn the fat bookGetting cut is the process of minimising the amount of fat in the body so that muscle shape becomes more visible and in some cases the veins too (increasing vascularity).

This is critical for competitive bodybuilders but also the cut look is highly desirable as it can do wonders to your sex appeal, personal confidence, body image, reputation and of course your pulling power!

We are going to jump straight in and give you our 7 top strategies for how to get cut fast. Whether you want to have the girls hanging off you or you are a competitive bodybuilder take note of the following points for maximum efficiency in getting cut fast:

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1. Work out with weights! This may not seem obvious at first but weight training is definitely the way to go to get cut fast. There are three key reasons for this:

a) Weight training itself is very demanding and will burn off a great number of calories, especially if you use whole body dynamic exercises such as: squats, dead lifts, bench-press and power cleans.

b) Unlike regular steady state aerobic exercises like running and cycling, heavy weight training gives your body a massive jolt and is very strenuous for it. This give your body’s metabolism a massive boost and keeps it elevated for up to 39 hours after the workout. This is considerable more than other forms of exercise and should be considered your secret weapon and should be top of your ‘how to get cut fast’ to do list!

c) Weight training preserves or increases the muscle mass that you do have. At rest muscle uses up more calories per hour than other tissue types (including fat) which means the more muscle you have the harder your metabolism will be working… even at rest!

 Remember, if you neglect to do weight training and just run to lose weight then you may well lose muscle tissue as well which will make fat loss more difficult and can leave you with and odd body shape – skinny with little muscle.

2. The other type of training to do is H.I.I.T, this stands for high intensity interval training and is another way of boosting your metabolic rate. As we mentioned previously steady state exercise e.g. running at the same speed for half an hour will burn calories whilst you are exercising but it is not that stressful for the body and therefore doesn’t kick start your metabolism.

However if you run as fast as you can for 2 minutes, then jog for 1 minute, then run hard for another 2 minutes and jog for another 1 minute and repeat this 10 times this is much more difficult and will really kick start your metabolism. You can vary the intervals to suit your own fitness levels and progress accordingly.

3. Eat small regular meals. This leads to the body thinking that it has an indefinite and plentiful supply of fuel so it need not try to preserve the calories that it does possess, this is what happens when you don’t eat or try a starvation diet – it doesn’t work. Eating more frequent meals whilst sounding counter intuitive will aid you in increasing your metabolism and therefore weight loss. This is one of the most important points when considering how to get cut fast!

4) Keep your protein intake high. As a minimum you need to be consuming a gram of protein for every pound of body weight. The two main reasons for this are that:

a) Protein is difficult for the body to breakdown and so therefore requires a lot of energy for the body just to digest, more so than carbohydrates. In fact some foods can strangely, because they require more energy to digest them than is actually in the food be beneficial for getting cut. 

b) Secondly, if you don’t have enough protein in your diet, you are likely to suffer muscle wastage i.e. lose muscle mass, which as explained earlier is very bad if you want to lose weight or get cut fast.

5. Lower carb intake. Whilst protein is good carbohydrate consumption is not so good. Aim to keep your carb intake low and try to eat them mainly in the morning or late afternoon. This will ensure that you have time to burn off the energy before you sleep and stop it converting itself to a belly tire!

6. To lose fat, eat fat! Well not all fats, just the good ones such as those found in: nuts, fish, olive oil and egg yolks. these all have a positive effect on the fat burning process aswell as allegedly having anti-aging properties and being good for your heart. Some people also claim that they will allow you to recover faster from workouts.

7. Be Vain! Yes that’s is right I want you to be vain, so vain in fact that you never get on a set of scales and only look in the mirror when you want to see your progress. You see, some people are so obsessed with their weight they will do anything just to be a few pounds lighter and that is not always a good thing. For example, if you lost 5 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle you might not realise how much progress you had actually made and become frustrated, de-motivated and perhaps even give-up.

Instead what you need to do is measure your progress by how you look in the mirror and ne your own judge. You know your own body better than anyone. If you look slimmer, with more muscle bulk, then you are, so just keep going!

The above strategies are excellent pointers on how to get cut fast, however to get cut fast we highly recommend the Tom Venuto ‘Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle’ which has been receiving rave reviews for it’s fat melting, 6 pack revealing program for over 5 years and is our best seller for a damn good reason – it works. Take a look here: burn the fat book.

Finally, as with anything in life, you achieve results by getting things right on a consistent basis and doing, this mean educating yourself and in order to continue that process we have put together an authoritative mini-course together which you can get access to for free by signing up below for our how to get cut fast resources, take a look at what’s included below, I think you’ll agree it’s not to be missed!

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