How Can I Increase My Benchpress

“How To Increase Your Bench Press And Build Chest Muscle Fast!”

One question asked time and time again is: “How can I increase my benchpress?” and build muscle chest. For whatever reason lots of people want to be able to bench large amounts. Probably because one of the first questions you might ask some who works out is “how much can you bench?”. Aswell as stacking on mass it also looks impressive if you have a big benchpress, so here are a few ways you can go about increasing your benchpress. Build muscle chest.

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1. Bulk Up Your Triceps. Often your triceps can be holding you back from increasing your benchpress. Go for exercises that make use of barbells and dumbells such as close grip bench presses and skull-crushers and avoid the use of cable exercises. This should help ramp up your overall benchpress and build muscle chest.

2. Often you will see triceps trained in programs on the same day as the chest muscles. Although this is convenient, try avoiding this for a while. If you attack your triceps when they are fresh you can get a completely different level of poundage out of them which will help stimulate muscle growth. Go back to training them together in a few weeks after you’ve made them grow like this and see the difference in you bench press and build muscle chest.

3. Get out of your comfort zone. Have you fallen into the trap of going through the same routine again and again because it feels comfortable and you made progress with it before and are now reluctant to change it? If that is the case…shake things up! Do compound sets, supersets, change the grips (wider, shorter), do push-ups after your lifts and so on. In fact the more often you can change your routine the easier it will be to stimulate growth and build muscle chest.

4. Are you overtraining your chest? I know we all want a big barrel chest but that doesn’t mean you should be training it all the time. More does not equate to bigger! Think about the quality of your technique, the quality of each set and rep. Training your chest once or twice a week is plenty for most people to build muscle chest.

5. Linked in with the last tip, ensure you are resting your body enough. Remember that your body grows whilst it is resting, rushing it back after it has not had enough time to recover means it has not grown as much as it could have and may not be able to perform to its maximum at the next session. Sleeping for 8 hours is always a good guideline to try to stick to.

6. Give yourself a break. Take a complete week off from training. Doing so can help your muscles fully recover from previous workouts and recover from tiny niggles you may have. It is also a good way of keeping your motivation alive by making yourself stay out of the gym for a change.

7. Have you tried using negatives yet? The part of the benchpress where you are lowering the barbell is the negative phase and indeed is the part of any exercise which stimulates most muscle growth. Interestingly bodybuilders can lower under control a lot more than they can lift under control. By having spotters help you through the pressing phase you can then lower a much greater weight under control, this should help your muscles get used to a heavier weight and stimulate growth to build muscles chest. 

8. You should probably have seen this next tip coming…eat and eat. Up to 7 quality meals per day with a balance of carbs, proteins and fats in a 50%, 30%, 20% split will ensure you have enough calories for growth.

9. Supplement if you can. Not everyone can afford this and it is not essential if you follow a good muscle building diet but if you have the money, muscle building supplements can make the difference between growing a little and growing a lot. Top of the list to try are: creatine, essential fatty acids, multi-vitamins and whey protein. 

10. Is your technique sloppy? Incorrect pressing easily goes unnoticed. Are you doing any of these: lifting your feet off the floor, moving your body whilst lifting, hands to close together, lowering the bar to the wrong place. If you are not sure ask the gym instructor to watch and correct you.

There we have it, ten sure fire tips on how to increase you benchpress. Go get em. 

 Tired Of Your Puny Arms and Chest? Want To Pack On Some Serious Mass? Then Go Here Now!


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