How To Get Big Shoulders

Anybody wanting to know how to get big shoulders and and impressive looking physique needs at the cornerstone of their upper-body… huge delts and massive shoulders. These will give your upper body the appearance of being wide and powerful and they play a large role in ensuring the ‘v’ shape tapered feature that produces the muscular looking frame.

The two main movements for producing massive shoulders are the Lateral Raise and the Overhead Press. The latter exercise is the king of shoulder development which provides massive stimulation to the shoulder muscles in there entirety.

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Dumbells are the best way to perform this exercise as this makes the muscles work twice as hard as they will also have to stabilise the position of the arms aswell as provide the upwards impetus. However using a barbell is still very effective and places slightly extra stress on the upper chest and is more preferrable than using a machine to perform the exercise.

My personal favourite way to perform the overhead press is to do it seated with dumbells. Using a back support is advisable aswell to help prevent injury especially with heavier weights. Position the dumbells at shoulder level and slightly in front of your shoulders and then press them vertically upwards continuing until your arms are nearly locked out but don’t lock them.Simply lower them back down under control to the original position.

The other main shoulder exercise for big shoulders that compliments the overhead press perfectly is the side lateral raise. This will add width and definition to your shoulders by stressing the medial range of your shoulder muscles.

From a normal firm upright standing position hold the dumbells at your side, thumbs facing inwards and arms slightly bent (never locked) raise your arms out powerfully to the side and keep going until they reach just above the height of your shoulders, lower in a controlled fashion to the starting point and definetely do not swing on this exercise and you will progress towrads getting massive shoulders.

The second part of this article is here: how to build shoulders.

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