How To Build An Awesome Muscle Building Routine

If you are looking for a beginners level muscle building routine then click here, if you want an intermediate level muscle building routine, click here.

If you want to know what makes a good muscle building routine then keep on reading!

There are a number of key points to bear in mind when you are either designing a muscle building routine or evaluating whether a routine is suitable for you or not. Here are the qualities of a good muscle building routine:

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1. You must be able to complete it in less than an hour.

This is because the stress weight lifting places on the body stimulates the release of particular muscle building hormones, unfortunately after about 45-60 minutes this level is significantly reduced meaning working out for much longer will not help you build muscle and in fact may actually hinder your progress. A common error is to workout for too long, this will kill your progress!

2. Keep the rest between sets down to between 60 and 90 seconds. This level has been proven to stimulate the optimum level of muscle building hormones, provide you with a cardio-vascular workout and allow you to complete your workout in under an hour, a simple but effective guideline.

3. If your goal is big muscle then the rep range should be between 6-12 reps. This rep range has been proven to be the most effective for creating big strong muscles. If you are working out in the rep range of 15 and above then really you are working the muscles and building there aerobic capacity and stimulating the slow twitch muscle fibres. This basically means that whilst the muscle will become fitter they will generally not increase in size greatly but they will improve in their endurance but this does not lead to gains in muscle mass.

4. Cycle your muscle building routine. If your routine stays the same then your body will become used to the same demands placed upon it. If this happens then it removes the need for the muscle to grow. This gaurauntees you minimal gains! The muscle building routine should be varied over the course of a few months. Do not wait until you stop growing before you alter the routine, rather vary it before you stop growing. Change the exercises, rest period, increase the weight, change the order of exercises and so on. This will create new demands that the muscle will have to grow and respond to.

5. A balanced muscle building routine. Any decent routine needs to exercise the entire body and not focus too much on one particular body part. Sure, we all want big biceps but they would look pretty silly on someone with no shoulder muscle! One common temptation is not to workout the lower body, again this will make you look stupid in the long run, but also the squat exercise and deadlift exercise stimulate incredible muscle growth in the entire body. They are so intense and difficult to perform that body produces a surge in muscle building hormones and your upper body – back and arms are all required to do the exercise too as they provide stability. If you don’t do these exercises then your upper body will not grow as fast as it could anyway!

6. For big muscles the routine needs to include compund exercises. This includes the squat and deadlift as mentioned above, you can also add to that list: the benchpress, shoulder press, upright row, bent over lateral rows and pull-up. These are all done with free weights and require more than one muscle group to perform them correctly. This means that when you do the exercise you are able to move a lot of heavy weight, which builds muscle and saves time as you then do not have to work out each muscle indivdually.

Sample beginners level muscle building routine, click here

Sample intermediate level muscle building routine, click here

Want The Best Muscle Building RoutineTo Build Muscle Fast? Tired Of Your Skinny Body? Then Click Here Now


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