Review of Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia

Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia Review

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Jason Ferrugia is a muscle building expert with over 20 years training experience with 14 of those being as an instructor. He has also been an editor contributing to worldwide publications such as Maximum Fitness and Men’s Health.

Jason Ferrugia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets Program starts out by making a big boast that you only need to spend 3 hours per week in the gym and with just that you can make astounding progress!

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This did indeed prove to be true for an associate of mine who followed the program to the letter (avoiding alcohol tobacco and so on) for 7 weeks and made gains of 12 lbs. This was after only 7 weeks and we chose this length of program because it comes with an 8 week money back gaurantee…needless to say he didn’t return it! 

We found the main difference between this program and others is that it is written with such clarity and conciseness. many bodybuilders have lots of information but are unable to get their ideas down on paper. They are basically not writers. Jason Ferrugia however is an active writer and has written for many different publications such as Men’s Health, he is therefore very capable at expressing at exactly whay you need to do in an understandbale way.

Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia includes:

  • Interview with the Author
  • Muscle Gaining Secrets E-book
  • 16-week Workout for Beginners
  • Quick Meals E-book
  • 34-Week Workout Plan
  • 16-Week Dumbell and Barbell Workout
  • High Powered Nutrition E-book
  • Truth About Supplements
  • Mass-Building Shake Recipes
  • Injury Free for Life E-book

Muscle Gaining Secrets contains loads of information that is not readily available elsewhere. It is very comprehensive. Sections include all the usual warming-up, avoiding injuries, best routines, ranking exercises, diet and so on. Comprehensive like I say. Amongst other things you will discover:

  • How to spend less time in the gym and get better results!
  • Tricks to gain massive energy boosts.
  • Which muscle building supplements are actually worth your time buying and why.
  • What the perfect number of sets and reps should be performed is for you.
  • How to maximise your time in the gym.
  • How to make optimal use of rest intervals.
  • Which are the most common muscle building mistakes that you must avoid at all costs.
  • How to reduce bodyfat fast.
  • How to reduce your injury risk.
  • How to pile on slabs of muscle even if you are super skinny.

As a really decent bonus you will also get 6 further books written by Jason Ferrugia which will also boost your progress. So, with an 8 week money back gaurantee and proven results we highly recommend this comprehensive product which is also very reasonably priced.

Try it out like we did and ask for a 100% refund later on if necessary but with all your extra muscle, I doubt you’ll want too! More information here. I hope you found this Muscle Gain Truth Review useful, feel free to follow the link below to the Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferrugia program.

Want To Make Explosive Muscle Gains? Tired Of Your Skinny Body? Then Click Here Now

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