Building Muscle Tips

Below are a selection of building muscle tips that you will find awesome in enhancing your progress. They are arranged in no particular order but they are all geared to letting you grow as fast as possible:

1) On warm up sets don’t exceed more than 8 reps. many people go ahead and do 10-20 reps in a warmup set, this can prodcue lactic acid build-up preventing you from beating your personal best scores in your main sets.

2) Always keep a training log. Doing this allows you to track you preogress easily and

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provides goals for ou to strive for. It is very motivating to look back over a period of months to see how much you have improved. Furthermore you can see what routines and exercises work for you so you can use those routines again and no you are not wasting your time.

3) Remain focussed whilst in the gym. Keep you workouts short and intense. One hour should be ample to complete your workout. If it’s longer then you are probably doing to much or wasting time between sets and exerxises. try and go into a zone when you are training and avoid gfetting involved in small talk with other gym users.

4) Remain committed. Realise that results don’t happen overnight, it takes months and years to make significant gains in muscle. So do not be put off tha if after a couple of weeks you don’t look like superman, persevere and stick with it. If you don’t give it then you haven’t failed. This is one of the best building muscle tips I can give you.

5) Visualise. Spend time each day closing your eyes and visualising yourself with the body that you want. This done over time gives you motivation and confidence that you will achieve your goal, also it works on a subconscious level which alters the way you think and the decisions you make on a daily basis. Don’t believe me….just try it and also you’d be suprised to know that many top athletes use visualisation so why shouldn’t you?

6) Educate yourself. If someone asked you to design and help them implement a building muscle program to help them transform their body over twelve weeks, would you really know exactly what to tell them? If you don’t know what you would tell them and the reasons why you, then you probably aren’t going to be able to transform your own body very quickly let alone somebody else’s. My point is educate yourself. The more you know the easier it will be for you to build muscle. Read a few books or buy a reputable program, doing so can save you a lot of time in the long run!

7) Finally another top building muscle tip: Always strive for progress. Progress can be made in a variety of ways, namely; increasing weight, decreasing rest intervals, increasing sets, supersetting and so on. It is crucial that you overload your body continuously in order to stimulate growth. this is probably the most important muscle building tip.

So the above are just a few building muscle tips, take your time cruise the site and others for by enhancing your knowledge you enhance your chances of building muscle faster and we all want to do that!

Tired Of Your Puny Arms and Chest? Want To Pack On Some Serious Mass? Then Go Here Now!


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