How To Build Muscles Quickly

The Top 4 Reasons You Are Not Growing!

Many people get frustrated at their lack of progress when they can’t build muscles quickly and eventually this can, for some lead to them throwing in the towel on their bodybuilding lifestyle.

However with just a few small changes they could build muscles quickly and be feeling motivated and stimulated to continue with their training. The rules to build muscles quickly are not a mystery, simply take a look at the homepage article and you will be OK. This article therefore is meant more as a trouble shooting guide:

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Here are some really common reasons why you don’t build muscles quickly and are not making the progress that you should be:

1. Not consuming enough calories. This is without doubt one of the top reasons people do not build muscles quickly or as fast as they would like. You need to create a calorie surplus in order to gain weight. If you don’t then you can’t expect to gain weight.

2. You are not getting the correct balance of food inside of you. If you are eating the correct amount of calories, training hard and you are still not growing then the chances are there is a problem with the food you are eating. Use the 30/50/20 as a good ratio for your muscle building diet. That is 30% of your meal is protein, 50% comes from carbohydrates and then 20% comes from fats. This is the ideal balance. Do this over 5-7 meals per day and you have an excellent base to build muscles quickly.

3. Along the same lines: You’re not eating enough meals at the right time. The reason we always recommend 5-7 meals per day is that it speeds up the metabolism and helps you either lose, maintain or gain weight depending on your goals. Cosuming calories is most important shortly before your workout, immediately afterwards and before you go to sleep, all are critical times to get some quality nutrition.

Some people claim that it is too hard to organize 6 meals a day. Come on! Do you want to build muscles quickly or not? There are plenty of ways around this…meal replacement powders, fruit snacks, planning ahead and so on. However I’m afraid some things you are just going to have to do and this is one of them.

4. You’re not taking on board the required amount of water to keep you growing.

Water is vital for a great deal of chemical reactions and functions in the body. Under estimating its importance is an all-too common error. If you feel dehydrated then it is already too late. You need to keep on top of your fluid intake as a bodybuilder if you want to build muscles quickly. Symptoms of dehydration:

·                       Dry mouth

·                       Dark urine with strong smell

·                       Fatigue. Feeling of tiredness for no real reason

·                       Feeling thirsty (clearly)

·                       Headaches

·                       Loss of appetite

There is only one remedy for overcoming this problem and it’s obviously quite simple. Drink water, carry a bottle with you, it ain’t difficult! Part 2 of this article is located here!

Want To Know How To Build Muscles Quickly? Then Click Here Now!


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