How To Gain Weight For Skinny Guys – The 8 Golden Rules

Your appearance is governed largely by the foods that you consume. Poor skin quality, low energy levels, lack of muscle bulk and high body fat levels can all be attributed to poor and unhealthy nutrition. This is even more true for skinny guys!

For skinny guys your training sessions should not be any different as to that found eslewhere on this site, although you may need to decrease the number of sets that you do because you need to preserve calories for muscle growth and not to be expended as energy during workouts.

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However skinny guys need to pay a great deale more attention to their diet and lifestyle. In order to clear a few things up, here is a clear guide as to ‘How To Gain Weight For Skinny Guys’:

‘How to gain weight for skinny guys’ rule 1. Do not skip breakfast! By skipping this meal you will be hungry for the rest of the day, exactly what someone trying to build muscle does not need. It also sets a good bench mark for the rest of the day and what you want to achieve. To build muscle eat: cereals particularly oats, omeletes (lots o egg whites), smoothies and breads with fruit as an additional extra.

‘How to gain weight for skinny guys’ rule2. After eating breakfast you ought to be eating every 2-3 hours. this is not as daunting as it sounds especially if you break it down into the following: breakfast, lunch, dinner, before bed plus a pre and post workout muscle building shake.

Doing this will decrease your stomach size meaining you will get that full feeling faster. Eating often will meal you do not over indulge at one particular meal or give in when you are starving and hit the corner shop for a sweet snack of chocolate or something else unbeneficial.

‘How to gain weight for skinny guys’ rule 3. Make vegetables and fruit a part of each meal. These are full of importannt vitamins and minerals not to mention anti-oxidants and fibre which aids digestion.

‘How to gain weight for skinny guys’ rule 4. Consume healthy fats. these are an often overlooked part of a succesful diet. They aid fat loss, satiate, digest slowly and improve overall health. Try include some of the following at every meal:

Polyunsaturated Fats. Raise the level of testostrone in the body, stiflr inflammation and aid in fat loss: mixed nuts, fish oil, ground flax seeds.

Saturated fats also enhance testosterone levels ans is not connected to the level of cholosterol in your blood. Sources include: red meats, whole eggs and real butter.

‘How to gain weight for skinny guys’ rule 5. Always, to build muscle eat a decent portion of protein at each meal. This is very important if you want to know ‘how to gain weight for skinny guys’. Protein is crucial for increasing muscle mass and also helps in fat loss as they make you feel full for longer as they have the highest thermic effect

As a skinny guy how much protein should I eat to build muscle daily?

To build muscle eat daily a minimum of 1 gram of protein for every pound of bodyweight. Eating a whole protein source witrh each meal will do this adequately. To build muscle eat protein from these sources: 

·  Poultry.turkey, duck, Chicken,  etc.

·  Dairy. Milk, cheese, quark, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.

·  Eggs. Don’t believe the cholesterol myths. Eat the yolk.

·  Red Meat. Beef, deer, buffalo, pork, lamb,  etc.

·  Whey. Not necessary but great for easy post workout shakes.

·  Fish. Tuna, sardines, mackerel, salmon,  etc.

Vegetarians take a look here for suitable vegetarian sources.

Want To Know How To Gain Weight For Skinny Guys? Tired Of Your Weak Appearance? Then Click Here Now

‘How to gain weight for skinny guys’ rule 6. Drink plentiful amounts of water. Pumping iron obviously makes you sweat and lack of water can slow down muscle recovery and of course water is need fr every muscle building reaction in the body.

The amount to drink will vary depending on your exercise levels and body size but a useful guide would be to have a cup of water immediately on rising and 2 cups thereafter with each meal whilst still sipping from a bottle throughout the day to hit a total of 1 <?US gallon of water each day. ‘how to gain weight for skinny guys’ 

‘How to gain weight for skinny guys’ rule 7. Monitor your carbohydrate consumption. Most of the population will get fat by eating an excessof carbohydrate rich foods. Whilst they do provide a great deal of energy it would be best to not take in too much of this. See how your body composition reacts to differing amounts of carb and modify your diet accordingly. For skinny guys wanting to bulk up you can’t go wrong to build muscle eat carbohydrate with all your meals and pre and post workout!

Great sources of carbohydrate inculde: rice, potatoes, quinoa, oats, pasta, bread,  etc. Try to stick to whole grain carbs and steer clear of white carbs.

‘How to gain weight for skinny guys’ rule 8. To build muscle eat whole foods as opposed to processed foods at least 90% of the time.

·  Processed Foods. More often than not include added sugars, nitrates, corn syrup, trans-fats, sodium and other such chemicals. Examples include cereals, pizza, cookies, bagels, fruit bars,  frozen meals, sausages, supplements, …

·  Whole Foods. Unprocessed and unrefined foods that are as near to their natural state as possible. Examples of these are: rice, veggies, legumes, fruits, fish, poultry, eggs, fresh meat,  oats, … try reading the best foods to build muscle here for more ideas! 

As a useful guideline there is little difference in your overall results if you eat 10% of your meals that do include the wrong types of foods. therefore lets say you eat 6 meals a day, this is 42 a week. You can the reasonable eat junk food in 4 meals a week and not suffer too much. These will give you added incentive and reward to keep you going for the rest of the time.

OK, I hope this ‘how to gain weight for skinny guys’ helps and remember the Vince Delmonte complete training program will guide you through all this and more, take look on the link below.

Want To Know How To Gain Weight For Skinny Guys? Tired Of Your Weak Appearance? Then Click Here Now


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