How To Build Muscle Vegetarian Style

Build muscle vegetarian style: Many people are vegetarian these days and for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons maybe: cruelty to animals issues, contribution to world hunger, global warming, it may just gross them out, health reasons or any other personal reason.

It is often presumed that to be a champion bodybuilder and you need to eat significant amounts of meat. However this is not the case and in fact the amount of protein that you actually need to build muscle is often over exagerated. One gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight is often suggested as a good target but many people manage to build muscle on a good deal less than that. Indeed scientists are still unclear as to how much is need for maximal muscle growth.

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So the fact that you are vegetarian needn’t prevent you from stacking on muscle. In fact physiologically humans were built to be herbivores and not carnivores. So health wise you may actually be better of in some respects being a vegetarian and that’s not to mention the terrible amount of chemicals that are in a lot of our meats nowadays and the increased risk of heart diease and hypertension for meat eaters.

So as a vegetarian you can build muscle vegetarian style and lots of it too. If you eat fish then that’s obviously a great source as would be dairy products. If those are out of the question then try beans, legumes, quinoa, soy, hemp protein and nuts. All of these are great sources so your progress should never be inhibited due to lack of protein.

It may however be difficult to get the required amount of calories inside you from veggies and fruits so you may need to hit the high starchy foods such as breads, pasta and rice but that’s certainly no big deal if you want to build muscle vegetarian style.

So in conclusion, as a vegetarian you can definetely get huge and bear in mind as role models legendary figures such as Bill Pearl and Clarence Bass who were both impressively massive yet still vegetarian and built all their muscle vegetarian style.

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