Ways To Get Abs

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Wow look at her! check out those abs, she’s so hot, sexy and ripped. What about that guy, how awesome does his six pack look! Wish that was you they were talking about? Want to have awesome abs, trained long and hard but don’t know where you are going wrong? Well you are in luck, here we are revealing all of those old myths that do not work and setting you straight on great ways to get abs. Here we go:

Myth 1: Eating less will make you thin. There is only a little truth in this. If you eat less food and only two or three times a day, then your body will go into starvation mode and what this does is slow down the metabolic rate of the body (the rate at which your body burns calories) in order to preserve the calories that it does have because it does not know when it is going to get calories again.

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Really you need to be doing the opposite, eating MORE often! This will mean the body can speed up its metabolic rate and burn off calories much more easily as it isn’t trying to hold on to them as it knows it will get more soon. Of course you shouldn’t be going out gorging on food but if you are exercsing and eating regularly in moderation then you will lose weight.

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Eat 5-6 meals per day but not too much in each meal, do not gorge, eay a well balanced diet avoid sugary foods like pepsi and so on.

Myth 2: Doing situps will reduce my waistline. In case you don’t already know exercising one particular bodypart will not cause you to lose weight in that part, it just doesn’t work like that. To lose weight you need to make a net loss of calories which will then come from fat tissue somewhere in your body, this could be anywhere. If you keep losing calories then eventually it will start to come off your waist line at some point in time. 

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Do 3-5 cardio-vascular training sessions a week that last between 20-40 minutes in length. Do something you enjoy and mix it up with different activities.

Myth 3: I can eat twice as much as it is ‘fat free’. Well, unfortunately it may contain no fat but it still contains calories and calories that go unused will often get stored as fat anyway. Don’t be misled by marketing hype!

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Avoid all refined sugary foods, don’t fall into the ‘fat free trap’ instead read the label of contents and remember 1 gram of carbohydrate equals 4 calories, 1 gram of protein equals 4 calories, 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories.

Myth 4: More exercise is better. Depending on your goals there is always an optimal level of frequency and duration of exercise. For example, if you want to build muscle up training a muscle group three times a week is plenty, however much more than this will not provide adequate time for your muscles to recover and therefore your progress will stop. If you are trying to lose weight running every day for an hour will more than likely cause you injury problems and leave you exhausted and prone to illness whilst also dampening your motivation. Keep the exercise fun and use a variety of activities but remember more is not better, consistent regular effort is.

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Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: listen to your body, if it still hurst from the last sesion give it a miss, simple as that or do another exercise that is less stressful, Swimming and cycling are very easy on the joints.

Myth 5: Exercise Y is the best exercise to do to lose weight. This again is not true. There are many different types of exercise all with different goals and positive points. However we are often influenced by markteting hype into thinking differenetly to that. Simply exercise doing your favourite thing and do it regualrly. Some people like variety, some people like to do the same thing, it is upt to you but at least do something 3-5 times per week for 20 – 30 minutes that leaves you slightly out of breathe, this is suitable for general health maintenance.

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Do a nice mix of different exercises that you enjoy regularly and consistently, to burn fat intense aerobic and cardio exercises are the best.

Myth 6: I should consume sugar before exercising to increase my energy levels. Eating sugar will make your body release insulin to the blood stream, this removes the sugary energy from the blood stream and can leave you with less energy than when you startted. I think you’ll agree that it is rather pointless then. 

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Have a small snack about an hour before you exercise, you can eat fruit for a natural and healthy energy boost.

Myth 7: Putting on weight is simply a normal and natural thing to happen to people as they get older. this is not true. Often people do put on weight as they age but this is largely due to adopting more sedentary lifestyles and a natural decrease in muscle mass. These two things together will lead to fatty tissue weight gain. Strength training once a week can significantly prevent body muscle mass loss and keep your metabolism working quickly.

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Always look after your health, nobody will do it for you. Regardless of your age you can become more healthy and live a more fulfilling life.

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Myth 8: If you stop exercising your muscle will convert into fat tissue. This is in fact not at all possible. Muscle can shrink and decrease in size if you stop using them but they will never turn into fat! Fat tissue may increase however if you stop exercising but not always especially if you control your diet properly.

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Maintaining an adequate exercise routine of 3-5 sessions a week including both aerobic and strength training along with controlling your diet and you can stay in good shape at any age.

Myth 9: You need to sweat a lot in order to have a good workout. This again is ridiculous. Sweating has no bearing on how hard you are training, every body is different. the amount you sweat depends on things such as, climate, exercise being done, body fat levels, clothing and so on so ignore this as a sign.

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Pay attention to the way you feel, only you know how hard you are working do not listen to other people.

Myth 10: Exercising on an empty stomach will burn more fat. Long term weight loss is about the net gain or less of calories over a period of time not when you do the exercise. Therefore the timing of exercise is not going to be a massively important factor and will only have limited benefits if any. Think smart think long term.

Ways To Get Abs Recommendation: Exercise when you feel it fits in with your schedule and develop this in to a routine. Habits are very powerful, mainting a good habit will put you much closer to having a nice 6 pack to show off!

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