What To Eat To Gain Muscle

In no particular order, 20 Foods That Build Muscle, here is what to eat to gain muscle…

1. Venison – Vitamin B12 content and High dosages of protein.

2. Broccoli – Excellent for so many reasons particularly their high vitaming content.

3.  Grass-Fed Organic Beef. High in CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid) An excellent source of protein.

4. Natural Yogurt – Aids protein digestion as it increases the good bacteria in the gut.

5. Eggs – As always a must eat build muscle food. Inexpensive and rammed full of vitmain D, fat and protien.

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6. Coffee – Caffeine has been proven to improve endurance due to the fact that it eases muscle pain.

7. Anchovies – Extremely rich in omega 3 and Protein.

8.  Turmeric – This contains turmeric which has been found to excel growth and repair of muscle cells. Tastes great in most curries.

9) Sunflower Seeds – A tasty little snack that is high in protein which weighs in with 25 grams of protein per kilogram. An excellent build muscle food.

10) Mackerel – What to eat to gain muscle…mackerel, it contains high levels of protein and omega 3 fats. In fact most fish are always a safe bet if you don’t know what to eat to gain muscle.

11) Edamame/Soy Beans – Includes all esential amino acids and are also a source of carbohydrate. 100 grams contains 14 grams of protein and 10 grams of carbohydrate. All great foods that build muscle.

12) Olive Oil – Containing large amounts of olive oil it helps protect joints and promotes growth and repair.

13) Full-Fat Organic Milk – Great and very convenient source of protein.

14) Ginger – Reduces muscle pain.

15)  Watercress – High in both vitmain C and iron, Allied with other green vegetables such as lettuce, brockley and spinach they are all great foods that build muscle. 

16) Cucumber– Includes a high dosage of silica that is a constituent part of the bodies connective tissues.

17) Turkey  – Effective regulator of protein synthesis as it contains high amounts of glutamind and protein. 

18) Almond Nut Butter – High in both magnesium and protein. Great build muscle food.

19) Papaya – Includes papain which aids the breakdown of dietary protein into more easily absorbed compounds another great build muscle food.

20) Wheatgerm – Improve your glucose intake to your muscle cells as it contains plentiful chromium. 

Ok, so that is what to eat to gain muscle, they may sound like a strange bunch of foods but remember your rewards will be in muscle if you include these foods on your shopping list. Part two of this article is located here: build muscle food

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