Why You Are Not Growing

“Why Am I Not Getting Bigger? Your Questions Answered”

‘Why am I not getting bigger?’ Is one of the most often asked questions by wannabe bodybuilders. Training hard and following a good diet is hard enough but to do so with no reward is very disheartening indeed. Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons that might help us find the answer to the elusive question ‘why am I not getting bigger?’

1) Are you consuming enough food? Many hardgainers simply need to eat more, plain and simple. You cannot grow if you are short of calories, you need surplus calories to grow. Eating lots and often is the key. Every two hours is a good rule of thumb. Try to snack on foods such as dried fruit and nuts, cereal and milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese,  protein bars, fresh fruit, and protein shakes, etc

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2) Is your protein intake high enough? For maximum muscle gains shoot for consuming 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight each day. Great sources include: turkey, chicken, fish (tuna), milk and so on. Get yourself some whey protein aswell to take after your workouts and before sleeping.

3) Are you still doing the same routine? How long have you been doing your current routine? if you can remember what your program is then it may well be that your body has adapted as much as it needs to in order to meet the demands of that routine and therefore won’t grow anymore. Try to mix things up in order to make sure your bodies have to meet new demands each time, this will make them grow. Try a few of the following: drop sets, 21s, partials, super sets, negatives, aided lifts or just try reversing the order of your program, anything to keep your body guessing. Doing the same thing over and over will not make your body grow.

4) Are you getting enough rest? Have you ever seen anyone walk into a gym hit the weights for an hour and then walk out with a bigger chest? Of course not, your body builds muscle while you are resting. Therefore rest is just as important as training hard. Also as a hardgainer you may only need to train a muscle group once a week to make good progress and don’t even think about doing more than 4-6 sets per bodypart. Overtraining is a major cause of lack of progress, take a week off every now and then to let your body fully recover.

5) Are you drinking enough fuids? water is extremely important for muscle growth and is a major cause of lack of progress. There’s no excuse really for not drinking enough!

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So the initial question: ‘Why am I not getting bigger?’ has many possible answers. Answer the above questions and if necessary make the changes to your lifestyle. Stick to the new guidelines and see what happens! If you are struggling to build muscle mass fast then there is an excellent program  by Vince Del Monte specifically designed for packing on muscle mass fast, more information here.


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