Beginner Workout To Build Muscle

“The Only Beginner Workout You’ll Ever Need To Build Muscle Mass Fast!”

If you have over six months continuous weight training experience then you do not have to do this beginner level workout, instead try the intermediate level workout to build muscle here.

Here you will find outlined a sample beginners workout to build muscle. It is designed for a twelve week period which allows time for you to both learn the exercises and develop an exercise groove for performing them efficiently. This program will prepare your body for more serious training that is to come. If you skip the beginners program you are risking injury and overtraining later on. Look at it like you are building the foundations for a great body later!

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A few quick guidelines for beginners. Don’t worry about lifting a lot of weight at first, that time will come but for now just focus on doing the exercises correctly. You will also want to eat more in order to provide extra energy for your body to grow, make sure you check out the nutrition section for this!

Perform this workout to build muscle on two days per week but not on consecutive days.

For weeks 1-3 perform each set for 15 reps with a moderate weight ie. you can manage to perform 15 reps without compromising technique and where you are left feeling that you could still do a couple more reps. Training to muscle failure is not appropriate for a beginner level program, this you will do later, do not rush.

Weeks 3-6 push yourself a little harder by performing the reps so the last rep is tough but not impossible.

Weeks 6-9 add another set for each exercise, resting 90 seconds between sets. Increase the weight so that you can just manage 10 reps on each exercise.

For weeks 9-12 build the sets up progressively to 3 sets per exercise. Rest for between 60 and 90 seconds between sets and the last rep should be very tough.


Beginners Workout To Build Muscle


Exercise                                Sets                    Reps 

Squat                                         *See Notes Above*

Lying Leg Curl

Seated Cable Row

Flat Bench Press

Dumbbell press

Dumbbell shrug


Barbell curl

Back extension

Standing calf raise

Barbell wrist curl



The above workout to build muscle may look basic but will prepare you well for more intense training and you will be thankful for building a solid foundation later. Not only will you have learned the correct technique but your body will have adapted and strengthened to the new demands leaving you looking and feeling stronger and fitter. For an intermediate workout to build muscle go here now.

Want The Best Workout To Build Muscle Fast? Tired Of Your Skinny Body? Then Click Here Now


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