Proven Workouts To Build Muscle

For a beginner level weight training program i.e. someone with less than 6 months consistent weight training experience, take a look at the program here: beginner workout to build muscle.

This following workout is for intermediate trainers that have gone through beginner workouts to build muscle such as the one on this page here. The intermediate workout to build muscle below is a split program.

What is a split program? To avoid overtraining the body and to focus more on particular muscle groups, instead of working the entire body as you would in a normal beginners workout to build muscle, you divide it up into at least two different workouts that are performed twice a week or in this case 4 workouts each done once per week.

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OK, here are four intermediate workouts that together form one program.


Monday: Chest and Triceps                                 Sets                        Reps

Barbell Bench Press                                               3-4                          8-10

Incline Dumbell Bench Press                                   3-4                          8-10

Close Grip Bench Press                                          2                            8-10

Dips                                                                       2                            8-10


Tuesday: Legs and Abs                                       Sets                        Reps

Squats                                                                  3-4                         10-12

Stiff Legged Deadlifts                                              3-4                         10-12

Dumbell Lunges                                                     2-3                         10-12

Lying Floor Leg Raises With A Crunch                       4                          20-30


Thursday: Back And Biceps                                Sets                        Reps

Wide Grip Pull Up                                                 3-4                          10-12

Chin Ups                                                              3-4                          10-12

Bent Over Barbell Rows                                         3-4                          10-12

Cable Rows                                                          3-4                          10-12


Friday: Shoulder Traps And Abs                         Sets                        Reps

Overhead Military Press                                          3-4                          8-10

Shrugs                                                                  3-4                          8-10

Seated Dumb Bell Press                                         3-4                          8-10

Upright Rows                                                         3-4                          8-10

Bicycle Floor Ab Crunch                                         3-4                          20-30


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The above workout is extremely effective, working out the enitre body once per week. This gives plenty of time for the body to recover and grow after each workout. This is a real key to building muscle and also a key point when designing effective workouts to build muscle.

Advanced bodybuilders and strength trainers generally have been working out for at least two or more years and have built up a great deal of experience about how their body adapts to different workouts to build muscle overtime. For this reason they tend to design their own programs based upon what works for them.

If you are a beginner or intermediate weight trainer then make sure you keep a training log. This will be invaluable to you when you become an advanced trainer and are ready to design your own workouts to build muscle.

In your training log you should keep as a minimum the following information: exercise done, weight lifted, numer of reps, number of sets and a general comment section e.g. “gave a great burn”, “was very sore still days after”. You can use this to track your progress and come up with your own workouts to build muscle later that you know will work for you. If you want a complete all in one comprehensive muscle building program covering diet, nutrition, workouts to build muscle, tips, strategies and more click on the link below.

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